Must destroy mankind.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

EXAM OVER!!!!!!!!

Wooo!!!!!!! Exam over! Hahaha! I FREE I FREE! That is until monday where i be starting my work attactment. damn! out of the frying pan and into the fire.........

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Word of the day - Death, you are my bitch lover!

Now that emo for you.....

Our very own David Copperfield + Michael Jackson

This guy pull off a card trick on me in the library the last time we met. I still got the card from his performance and i still stun even that performance is ages ago. He convince me that he either in league with the devil himself or he really spent lot of time, perfecting the tricks he have up in his sleeves...

Btw, Aman, if you must know i still shaking that card you give me one in a while. Still dont get it how you make the card blurry.

Check his website and show some love for our very own UBD magician:

Who think of that line???

Who the hell think of that line??? Heart pumping dance? Where the hell they get the idea from? Grey anatomy? Seriously, that will be one of the worst line i ever see in the history of Brunei advertising. I mean, there lot of ways to describe the dance performances positively and 'heart pumping' is corny, tacky, weird and anything but convincing. Seriously blue water, get someone to understand the lingo before you put it on your advert.

i know what i going to say: don't forget our gravity defying, ass hair pulling, funky slinky, dog walking, trash talking, spoon feeding, square dancing, legs crossing, booty shaking dance performances! That will get the heart pumping. ; p

Dining under the sun, pray to god that it dont rain...

Hey Bruneians! If you looking for something to do at the end of this month? Then i got something for you. Dining under the stars anyone?? Sound romantic to you? Then get your tickets now. The first ever dinner under the stars in Brunei ( or so they claim) will be held on 31st May 2008, 6p.m in the Jerudong Park Musical Fountain Garden (a.k.a ghost theme park). You can even test drive the new Mercedes Benz and be entertain by the singer Maria, personally i have no idea who she is, but expect love songs and ballads. Btw, did i mention the food is by Sheraton? Wonder if my baby girl will like to go? Hmmm...

If interest call Mr Gabriel Hill (8825105)

P.s: No, i not paid to advertise.
'We have Tim here with us! If the family of Mr Tim wish to see him alive, then they must pay the ransom of $2 million or they can just send us the latest tekken 6 arcade machine and we let him go'